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Colorful Girl Inside My Spirituality Blanket

Hello Muses and Musers-

Thank you to everyone who has been visiting the site lately.
I see you!
Your support and patience are greatly appreciated and you deserve an update.

I am the sole operator of this site, which was made live before smoothing out a few bumps in the road. Currently, shipping settings are being refined to ensure a smooth checkout and delivery experience. Building this site is a labor of love for me, but one person can only do so much at a time on an extremely limited budget. Since my site is geared towards people who choose different life paths, such as entrepreneurship, this post seemed like a good place to start my blog.

I'm just a girl with a dream and "our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." Today is the birthday of one of the most quintessential dreamers, Henry David Thoreau, from whom I borrowed that quote. Toxic Muse is for people with street smarts and book smarts, who use their knowledge and experiences to shape their worlds according to their own maps.

One of my goals in creating this site was to bring these type of minds together by supporting other dreamers. In addition to some mainstream merchandise, you will find the work of independent artists. If you patronize me, you help perpetuate what makes us all tick. 

Please feel free to share your opinions or ask me questions by commenting, emailing me, or reaching out via social media. Your feedback actually matters to me and I truly love interacting with my customers. You may notice that some links have different names. That is because I have been working on blending things together to streamline my vision.


*Please visit the contact page to send me an email.

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